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Celebrating 15 Years 

CampusWorks celebrated the 15th anniversary of its founding coincident with its annual team meeting. As we paid our respects to the past, we charted a course for the future that is built upon our commitment to improve society by making higher education accessible to everyone.

We celebrate the awesome people and organizations with whom we collaborate. Whether employees, consultants or clients, these individuals are dedicated to delivering awesome outcomes.

At a time when so many organizations say “no”, we find inspiration in a quote from Walt Disney, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

If your impossible task is accreditation, technology, bad processes, or absentee planning, call us. We’ll help you catch up and get ahead.

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Liz Murphy, CEO

Profile of Liz Murphy from I Am Modern Magazine



CCBO Installs Liz Murphy to serve a two-year term as Business Partner Member at Large 
Charlottesville, VA (October 17, 2014) – CCBO, the premier community college association serving current and future business officers, appointed Jami Van Ess, vice president of business and administrative services at Coconino Community College, as 2014-2015 President.  Liz Murphy, CEO at CampusWorks, Inc., was installed to serve a two-year term as Business Partner Member at Large.  Brad McCormick, vice president for business services & college facilities at John A. Logan College, completed his year as President and will serve a one-year term as Past President. 

WEBINAR: How Do We Make Real Change When We’re Strapped For Resources?
Many days it’s not easy to see the path to change, let alone transformation, as our vision is clouded with operational crises and limitations. Stop, think; then go and invest. That’s our model for helping institutions make sustainable change and position themselves for the transformation we know must occur in higher education. Learn the simple steps to optimize the tools you already own, and leverage your staff to perform at the highest level of service to achieve your student success outcomes. Join us for this webinar led by CampusWorks CEO Liz Murphy whose team is devoted to removing the barriers to student success.

WEBINAR:  Why Budgeting is "Mission-Critical" for Community Colleges - A Roundtable Discussion
Liz Murphy, CEO from CampusWorks, Inc. facilitates a discussion featuring panelists from three community colleges:
Stacy Buckingham, Dean for Financial Operations, John A. Logan College
Donna Farlow, Director of Budgeting, Union County College
Steve Miller, Assistant Controller, San Juan College
The panelists share their experiences (both challenges and successes) with budgeting in their institutions.   Budgeting plays a key role in strategic success for all higher education institutions.  But why is budgeting "mission-critical" for community colleges? 

Upcoming Presentation
The American Association for Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC) 
Women CEO Conference
Chesapeake College, MD
November 14-16, 2014
“Are You an IT Girl? Making difficult IT decisions”
As IT consumes a larger and larger share of our budgets, we are called upon to make decisions in an area that may be out of comfort zone. What do we need to know to move our institutions forward? 
Liz Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, CampusWorks

Student Success Assessment 
On the path to student success there are so many components that can and should be integrated to ensure that all college resources are aligned to meet the learner objective. Technology can inhibit the smooth flow of services or enhance their delivery. CampusWorks Student Success Assessment is a look into how your institution’s processes and technology are positioned to support your students. 

David Buettner Joins Executive Advisory Board
CampusWorks is delighted to welcome Dr. David Buettner to the Executive Advisory Board. David will join the team that provides client presidents, chancellors, and senior staff with ongoing quality assurance and “peace of mind”. These Executive Advisors are available at any time to discuss confidential, critical, or challenging issues that are impacting your ability to move forward. David will also be providing much-requested strategic planning and executive leadership services to our clients.

Clients Receive Top Honors from Achieving the Dream
We are delighted to congratulate Bunker Hill Community College, MA, and Montgomery County Community College, PA, on their first-place finish for the 2014 Leah Meyer Austin Award. The Leah Meyer Austin Award was established to recognize outstanding institutional achievement in supporting and promoting student success through the creation of a culture of evidence, continuous improvement, systemic institutional change, broad engagement of stakeholders, and equity, with particular attention to low-income students and students of color.

Our Experts Recommend    

Now You See It, How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work and Learn  
by Cathy N. Davidson Liz Murphy and Karen Boudreau-Shea are reading this gem that creates “aha” moments every few pages. Two-thirds of the book is devoted to education. Chapter 7 opens our minds to the new pace of work and productivity.

The Campus Computing Project See how your campus technology plans stack up. Casey Green provides a look at trends in campus computing.

EDUCAUSE CoreData Service (CDS) See if your institution’s IT spending is in line with other colleges and review other IT performance indicators.

2013 Horizon Report Learn about emerging technologies and their potential impact on teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. 

Real Results

“CampusWorks could put out the fires in hell…”
That’s what one client chancellor said after partnering with CampusWorks for 18 months. This large, multi-campus institution was faced with a neglected infrastructure, ineffective administrative system and no technology plan. Our partnership has resulted in an approved, multi-year technology plan that received glowing comments from the accrediting board, a stable infrastructure, and a conversion to a refreshed ERP system for half the budgeted cost—a $5M savings.

A real, unsolicited note from a thankful client
“I have been extremely impressed with your team of resources.  Jerry Smith has incredible credentials and such broad experience.  Jerry is a blessing to work with.  Teri Weston and Sherree Hyde, two professionals with so much kindness and patience.  They listen to prideful people discuss their processes and with a smile simply document what they hear.  Amazing!  Last, Bret Moeller is the most recent resource to help us.  Bret is a highly technical network/infrastructure resource.  Bret came in and immediately began helping by scanning our servers for vulnerabilities and now is going to help us complete our backup solution.  Bret works quietly and discreetly...  I am keenly aware of the challenges you face in identifying the right people who know their role as a consultant. Your team is a strong group of professionals.”

Kudos from Massachusetts
In a report on the Massachusetts State University and Community College IT Collaboration and Efficiency Project, Berry Dunn, northern New England's largest independent CPA and consulting firm, sited Middlesex and Bunker Hill community colleges’ investment in CampusWorks CIO services as a strength. The report was commissioned by the governor to identify strengths and weaknesses in technology across the higher education system and to identify ways to optimize resources through shared services.

Newest Client

Coconino Community College and CampusWorks: A Success Story in Effective Technology Partnerships
CCBO Annual International Conference Presentation 
Coconino Community College and CampusWorks entered into a partnership 7 years ago to provide IT leadership and subject matter experts. Learn how effective this partnership is, including challenges and successes. Lessons learned will be discussed and explore how the college will eventually transition to becoming self-sufficient.
Jami Van Ess, Vice President of Business & Administrative Services, Coconino Community College
Joe Traino, CTO/Senior IT Executive, Coconino Community College/CampusWorks

Welcome Navarro College  

We are privileged Navarro College, TX, has selected CampusWorks to continue the college’s efforts to retool and upgrade technology. With strong support from students, administrators and trustees, the college has committed to a multi-year plan to improve student services and access by leveraging technology.

Continuous Improvement through Assessment
Howard Community College, MD, and Central Arizona College are focused on continuous improvement and have partnered with CampusWorks to conduct comprehensive technology assessments for their institutions. The collaborative assessment approach will involve over 100 members of each college’s community in an effort to capture perspectives and ideas to improve efficiency, effectiveness and student service.

Aligning People, Process and Technology for Student Success
Touro College and University System with 35 campuses throughout the world is dedicated to increasing student success through a comprehensive evaluation of its processes and technologies. Touro’s partnership with CampusWorks began with a focused business process review and has expanded to assessment, compliance and ERP evaluation and selection services.

Bergen Community College, NJ
(December 1, 2012) Bergen Community College (BCC) in Paramus, NJ, selected CampusWorks to transition the College from a hybrid of outsourced and in-house information technology services to a state of full independence. CampusWorks professionals will lead and manage the College's execution of a multi-year technology roadmap developed collaboratively with BCC. Read More >>

Mount Mercy University, IA
(October 1, 2013) Read about CampusWorks network assessment and consulting services in the October issue of Mount Mercy Times.   Read More >>


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